Jocelyn Clark

My role as BSD Education Director of Beverly School for the Deaf is to manage student programming, classroom staff and support faculty. It remains my personal goal to ensure that staff, as well as families, have the support and resources they require in order to meet the needs of the children.

I strongly believe in the philosophy and mission of CCCBSD. Our students receive an extraordinary education; allowing for language, academic, physical and social-emotional growth and development, all while learning in a supportive, engaging and fun environment.

I began my professional career at Beverly School for the Deaf in 1992 soon after graduating. Over the years, I have utilized both my degrees in Early Childhood and Young Children with Special Needs, as a classroom teacher and the Parent Infant Coordinator and teacher. I have been the Assistant Program Director for the BSD Program since 2010. I truly cherish this school; all the talented people I work with and the amazing children that I have known over the years.

Outside of school I enjoy time with my husband and 2 daughters, reading, and spending time with extended family and friends.

Here I am at the 2017 Harvest Walk painting a student’s face.