A message from the Executive Director:

markWith time brings change. Our school was founded in 1876 and has gone through many changes during the period. Beverly School for the Deaf (BSD) has always educated deaf children and began accepting hearing students with developmental and language delays in the 1970’s. Given recent technological advances and best practices, I continue to see the face of education evolve.

The Children’s Center for Communication (CCC), more broadly defines our services to children, families, and the community. This organizational expansion distinguished the broad array of services and supports we offer. Our students may come to us with a diagnosis of Autism, Cerebral Palsy, developmental or physical challenges. Our students may have the commonality of a learning or communication disabilities – but he/she is seen as an individual learner, each with their own strengths and contributions.

Beverly School for the Deaf (BSD) continues to remain a strong academic and language-rich program open to all children, from preschool to high school, with any degree of hearing loss. Our students on campus and in the community are diverse and have individual needs. These needs are supported by various approaches and accommodations including: ASL, oral language, cochlear implants, FM systems, hearing aids, lip-reading, and additional systems, which assist with learning and development. We continue to focus on developing Deaf/HH children to become well rounded academically, socially, vocationally, and in all aspects of their communication and life.

CCCBSD parents entrust us with their child’s development during the most important period of his or her life. We hold this responsibility with great humility and consequence knowing that what happens today impacts their child for a lifetime. We are all proud to say we are a part of something special both on our Beverly campus and throughout the state.

I invite you to join me in shaping our website as a resource that will continue to unite, support and empower our students, families, faculty and our community. Get involved through our giving center or volunteering, with our many services, our Alumni networks, ASL classes, or other on-campus events. I welcome your feedback as we enhance our external communication to our school community and beyond.

Dr. Mark Carlson
Executive Director

Students attend CCCBSD at no charge to their families.
CCCBSD is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution.