CCCBSD Connector Project

CCCBSD is excited to present our Connector! 

Construction of an enclosed handicapped accessible connector with a ramp to connect the main school building with the Burnham Gymnasium has been completed!

This connector will allow students access to the gymnasium throughout the school year increasing the number and types of adapted physical education opportunities available to the entire student body. The connector will allow safe access for all students, particularly those in wheelchairs, on crutches and who have other challenges.

In order for students to access the gymnasium, they must travel outside and down a long and curved walkway. This makes it makes it almost impossible for students to access the gym in heat, cold, and other adverse weather. Access to the gym will now be available 365 days a year and not simply on good weather days. An enclosed walkway will ensure that all of our students can participate in their adapted physical education class.

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Breaking ground on the Connector project









Laying the foundation


Adding the cement to the walkway















Progress as of 8/10/17!
Progress as of 9/29/17










Progress as of 10/11/17
Walls are up and the roof is in progress! – 10/13/17
Updates as of November 3, 2017










Exciting progress as of 11/15/17









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