Audiology Letter

Contact Tracie or Cate at the Front Desk – 978 927 7070 x 200

For you that may not know me, my name is Carol Dempsey and I am the Consulting Educational Audiologist here at The Children’s Center for Communication/ Beverly School for the Deaf. I have been here at the school for approximately 17 years.  My position is as a consultant to the teachers and to troubleshoot any problems the students may be having with their hearing aids, cochlear implants and/or auditory trainers.  I am also able to take impressions for new ear molds, can repair minor problems (i.e. – re tube an ear mold, etc), send hearing aids out for major repairs and can schedule your child’s annual audiological evaluations and hearing aid checks.

Your child can now be seen at Beverly Hospital/Speech and Hearing by Kelley Glass and/or Megan Hoben or at North Shore Children’s Hospital/Audiology by Pat Mauceri for their annual audiological evaluation and reprogramming of their hearing aids.  I have found these three women to be exceptional with our students, really understand their needs and they also have a good knowledge of ASL and sign language.  Appointments can be scheduled during school hours and a staff member from BSD will accompany your child to either Hospital to act as their interpreter and advocate.  The required paperwork would be sent home with your child a few weeks before the appointment for your signature and insurance information.  This is a nice service to take advantage of since sometimes it is hard to get your child to after school or weekend appointments.  Your child’s insurance will be billed.

For repairs and new earmolds I utilize the services of Dr. Cary Letein of Hearing Healthcare Associates in Beverly, MA.  He does all of BSD’s paperwork regarding insurance billing for the hearing aid repairs and new ear molds.  He will be the person you would receive a bill from for ear molds, repairs and so forth if your insurance does not cover the service.  FYI: Mass Health insurance will pay for hearing aid repairs, ear molds and batteries.  They will also pay for new hearing aid every five years or so.

I have found the services at Beverly Hospital/Speech and Hearing, North Shore Children’s Hospital/Audiology and Hearing Healthcare Associates to be wonderful and thorough and I am sure you will be thrilled with them as well.  For those students that already have audiologists it is imperative to have that individual send a copy of the annual audiological report, hearing aid checks, CI mappings and so forth to me so that I can keep my records up to date.  You are always welcome to use any services that I provide at BSD if it would be more convenient (i.e.- taking impressions for ear molds, sending an aid out for repair) even if your child does have his or her own audiologist.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or concerns that you may have.  You can send a note in with your child for the teacher to deliver to me or you can email me at  I have very limited hours during summer school but I do check my email daily and check in with the school each week.  Once the school year begins in September I work a more consistent schedule of one to two days a week. I look forward to working with your children and you. Please let me know if I can be of any service to you.


Carol A. Dempsey, M.S., CCC-A

Consulting Educational Audiologist


Audiologist Form
If you want your child to be followed by the school audiologist, please attach a copy of your child’s insurance card. Without a copy of this card, any equipment orders or repair services will be delayed until a copy is sent in.