Consent Form – For Incidental Photographing and Audio/Video Recording of a Student

To Parents or Guardians:

This year, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will work with your son or daughter’s school to conduct the MCAS-Alt. Your child’s teacher will be among those who use alternate assessments with a small number of students with significant disabilities who cannot take the standard MCAS tests, even with test accommodations.

One or more students in your child’s class will participate in the MCAS-Alt during 2017-2018. During this process, your child’s teacher may find is necessary to use cameras and/or tape recorders to obtain educational information on these students in order to determine how well they perform certain activities. It may be necessary for your child’s teacher to record the voice or image of the participating student when other students are present in the room. Therefore, there may be limited occasions during which your child may appear incidentally in videotapes and/or photographs or during which his/her voice may be recorded or audiotape. Your child will not be identified by name, nor would any student information or other materials be shared with others outside the school or district for this purpose. We request your consent to allow your child to appear in videotapes and photographs in this limited way. Thank you very much.

Consent Form - For Incidental Photographing and Audi/Video Recording of a Student