Field Trip/ Community Outing Permission Form

Contact Tracie or Cate at the Front Desk – 978 927 7070 x 200

I hereby permit my child to participate in school sponsored field trips off school campus during the school year, between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. All field trips will be announced well in advance. I understand that the trip/outing will take place away from school property, may involve transportation by a school vehicle, private car, or by walking.

I acknowledge that my child’s participation in these activities potentially involves risks and obligations that are impossible to predict, but may include the risk of loss or damage to personal property and the risk of sickness, personal injury, or death.

I understand that the CCCBSD nor the School District does not purchase, or have, any medical, dental, or hospitalization insurance to cover injuries to or loss of life of pupils or to indemnify parents and guardians for expenses in connection therewith, and that such insurance, if desired, must be purchased by the family.

Please understand that failure to give permission by July 10, 2018 will constitute approval of the above requests.

Travel Field Trip Permission Form