Human Development Education Consent Form (for 3rd grade – 12+)

Contact Tracie or Cate at the Front Desk – 978 927 7070 x 200

Throughout the school year, a program of human development and sexual education will be offered to the upper elementary, middle school, and high school students. This program is part of the CCCBSD’s health curriculum and the Massachusetts State Health Curriculum Frameworks. Prior to instruction beginning, CCCBSD’s Curriculum Coordinator will provide an overview about the information for families to review to help gain an understanding of the subject matter being addressed. Additionally, information regarding this subject can be found by accessing the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website at:

Students will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss the physical and emotional changes that take place from adolescence to adulthood as to match the needs of your child at an appropriate age.

Depending on the need of the student, topics may include but are not limited to the list below. This list is not all inclusive of the entire curriculum.

  • Body awareness, modesty, privacy, and personal safety
  • Social and emotional development during puberty
  • Male development
  • Female development and menstruation
  • Safe touching of self and others

Human Development Education Consent Form