Observation and Research Form

Contact Tracie or Cate at the Front Desk – 978 927 7070 x 200

The Children’s Center for Communication/ Beverly School for the Deaf is a part of academic community and the community at large. CCCBSD may serve as field placement for many college practicum students in education, special education, or related therapeutic programs. Classrooms may also be used as a research site by various undergraduate and graduate students interested in the study of young children and their development. We host many tours and receive visits from state agencies, other special education programs, families, politicians, the media and other interested members of the public. All visitors must be approved prior to the visit by a program administrator and are upheld to CCCBSD’s civil rights and confidentiality practices.

Any approved formal research study done by faculty members and/or graduate students, will require a consent prior to the start of any research study. No child will be included in these studies until a separate Parental Consent Form has been signed and returned, and at no time is a child’s enrollment in the program jeopardized in any way by his or her refusing to cooperate with researcher, or by parents not signing a consent form.

The Children’s Center for Communication/ Beverly School for the Deaf respects the confidentiality of its students, families, faculty and staff in highest regard. Specific information will never be disclosed without your written permission.

Parental Permission Form - Observation and Research