Licensed Teacher of the Deaf or ASL Fluent Special Educator

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Primary – Education Director. Secondary – Program Director


Teachers of the Deaf are highly trained professionals who provide specifically designed instruction and services to children with a range of communication, physical, behavioral, and/or developmental challenges. S/he will adapt and develop materials to match the special and unique needs of each individual student by implementing the MA Curriculum Frameworks. Across multiple environments, use a variety of teaching strategies to ensure that all students reach their learning potential.

Additional responsibilities include supervision of the paraprofessional staff assigned to the classroom. Specific responsibilities are outlined below and include implementation of student programming, data collection, upkeep of the physical environment, ensuring client’s rights, and adherence to school policy.


    1. Will adhere to lines of communication according to the organizational structure for all staff issues, compile copies of all written and verbal feedback provided to staff and then provide to the Director of Education
    2. Will check/respond to CCC/BSD email daily for communication.
    3. Will attend, participate in, and document meetings with classroom staff & related service providers.

    The Teacher of the Deaf has primary responsibility for the comprehensive instruction and delivery of coordinated services to enrolled students, as such will provide the following:

    1. Will sum/prepare all current data in a timely manner for report writing & prior to any meetings where information is needed.
    2. Will complete a collection of baseline data/assessments and prepare all necessary materials (including curriculum, stimuli, and data sheets) to conduct baseline for any upcoming meetings.
    3. As requested by Supervisor and using summarized/gathered data/assessments, and completed IEP baseline, will complete all necessary components of IEP (strengths and weaknesses, PLEPs, current performance, objectives, additional information, etc.)
    4. Will submit draft IEP for review to Supervisor on date requested.
    5. On a weekly basis, prepare daily lesson plans for instruction to include teaching objective, materials needed, how performance will be evaluated, teaching methodologies used, and role of each staff person
    6. Reviews data on student IEP goals and objectives a minimum of one time per week, modifies programming as needed, and reports to Supervisor any lack of progress.
    7. Includes in lesson plans and teaching programs opportunities for student participation, including techniques that prompt question asking and brainstorming to generate acquisition of related content areas.
    8. Develops lesson plans and teaching programs utilizing the curriculum frameworks, with individualized content, materials, sequence, and instructional techniques at each student’s level.
    9. Selects and uses audio/visual material, technology, and adaptive tools in a comprehensive delivery of instruction
    10. Develops individualized management intervention plans (MIB) for each student designed to address individual student behavioral issues
    11. Will abide by and ensure classroom staff follow, MIB as written.
    12. Develops general classroom behavior management systems and ensures staff adhere to the
      plans as written
    13. Will, as needed, discuss & document any necessary changes to MIP/behavior programs for classroom students with the BCBA.
    14. Completes all work necessary to complete MCAS and MCAS Alt portfolios.
    15. Evaluates student mastery of content through appropriate measurement tools and communicates information through appropriate documentation including MCAS, MCAS/Alt, and out of state requirements, where appropriate
    16. Will write classroom student progress reports per school protocol, including sum/prepare all current data by the date the reports are due.
    17. Completes all educational testing and evaluations as determined by the student’s IEP and/or as instructed by the Director of Education.


    1. Will develop, implement, and evaluate classroom schedule.
      1. Will develop student & staff specific schedules.
      2. Will modify classroom schedule to accommodate specials and student pull-out services.
      3. Will ensure implementation of classroom schedule.
    2. Will provide instruction in the classroom, including groups and 1:1
    3. Will ensure communication notes and other family communication are complete and follow protocol.
    4. Will communicate classroom-specific issues to Director of Education as needed.
    5. Will attend & participate in administrative meetings as scheduled by the Director of Education.
    6. Will organize and maintain neatness of the work site.
    7. Will ensure classroom is clean, including tables, desks, carpet.
    8. Will ensure all materials are organized & stored in specified locations.
    9. Will ensure all food items are appropriately stored.
    10. Will keep track of supplies and materials for students and report what is needed to the Administrative Assistant.

    1. When requested by Director of Education, will assist in completion of follow up for staff training competencies.
    2. Will supervise and monitor implementation of classroom schedule.
    3. Ensure schedule is posted and reviewed by all classroom staff.
    4. In the event of a permanent schedule change will meet with staff to review and provide planning opportunity.
    5. Ensure staff have all materials (e.g., teaching programs; lesson plan; materials; data sheets; conditioned reinforcement systems; reinfocers) for scheduled teaching sessions.
    6. Will provide feedback to staff in regard to implementation of the schedule.
    7. Will ensure classroom staff adhere to school policies documenting all instances of verbal feedback & saving copies of written feedback/checklists & filing in individual staff files.

    1. Coordinates and provides documentation and support for student technology and support needs, including: hearing aids, auditory equipment, physical needs, behavioral systems, sensory diets, and communication devices (all therapies/therapists).
    2. Fosters positive and purposeful relationships with students, parents, colleagues, support personnel, and immediate supervisor in facilitating ‘team’ approach toward the accomplishment of common instructional goals and overall communication.
    3. Participates in ongoing professional development both inside and outside of school setting and will meet the requirements for professional licensure and professional development.
    4. Participates in the accomplishment of institutional goals/objectives and overall mission by engagement in committees, task forces, or work groups.
    5. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned by faculty/staff.


Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university. teacher certification and licensing by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in the area of Special Education or Teacher of the Deaf (ASL fluent).


Masters Degree from an accredited college or university, with 3 years experience in a special education program directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified. Coursework in education, special education, communication disorders, or early-childhood preferred. Previous successful classroom experience in an academic setting. Demonstrated ability to respect diversity and help children develop a positive self-image as successful learners.


  • Ability to communicate in a highly effective manner.
Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Has a strong command of the English Language.
  • Ability to understand, follow and deliver safety policy and procedures.
  • Ability to provide a supportive and caring environment for children.
  • Ability to provide direct staff supervision, leadership, and role modeling for all classroom personnel.
  • Ability to provide creative and active learning setting for all children that encourages healthy growth.
  • Ability to receive professional direction, learn new skills, and work in a team setting.
  • Knowledge of Deaf/HH culture, and special issues related to Deaf/HH students.


  • Successful candidate must submit to a sign language competency examination. If potential teacher does not meet the necessary requirements of classroom specific signing needs then he/she will commit to enroll in additional ASL class(es).
  • Successful candidate will present appropriate certifications as required by DESE


  • Work involves moderate exposure to a variety of safety elements, including moderate physical activity, student behavior, student hygiene, limited food preparation, and G-Tube feedings.
  • The environment may require physically assisting students with a weight, up to and in excess of 40 pounds
  • Work environment may involve operation of school vehicles in the transportation of students to and from community settings.

CCC/BSD does not discriminate regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs, disability, pregnancy, or marital/family status.

The Children’s Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf provides all training required by DESE to ensure employee and student safety.

I understand the terms and conditions of this position. Failure to meet any of the above mentioned responsibilities may lead to termination.

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