CCCBSD Life Skills Center

CCCBSD is excited for our new Life Skills Center!

We have broken ground! Work has begun on the new Life Skills Center at our CCCBSD campus. This is an exciting endeavor as it will provide the much needed space for our Transition students (ages 14 -22) to practice life and work skills to help them become more successful young people. 

For more information about this project or to donate, please contact Mark Carlson at or Jane McNally at


January 2019: Construction crews work on clearing rocks at the future site of the Life Skills Building. For many years, this spot housed the “caretaker’s cottage” for the Beverly School for the Deaf. Most recently, the former cottage was rented out to local families until its demolition.
Exciting progress as the crane does its work on January 23rd!









January 28, 2019: The walls are going up on the Life Skills Center!









January 30, 2019: What a difference a few days make! Cement was poured for the foundation today.









February 11, 2019: The Life Skills Center is making great progress thanks in part to this mild winter.
February 19, 2019: Concrete has been poured!


Construction as of March 1, 2019









March 8, 2019: Walls are going up!









March 14, 2019








March 21, 2019











March 27, 2019








April 16, 2019

















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