2021 Annual Spring Soiree Benefit

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View on the people behind the tables and on the woman who raise her hand with a paper
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Man and two women at the scene
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23rd Spring Soiree 2021-2
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-3
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-4
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-5
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-7
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-8
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-10
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-13
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-18
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23rd Spring Soiree 2021-62
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-68
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-70
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-72
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-73
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-123
23rd Spring Soiree 2021-124

The Children’s Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf held our 23rd Annual Spring Soiree on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at the CCCBSD Campus in Beverly, MA.

We celebrated MAAPS (Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools) and Brown – Smith Attorneys at Law for their work leading the Commonwealth’s private special needs schools throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elizabeth D.R. Becker

Elizabeth D.R. Becker

MAAPS Executive Director

Janine Smith-Brown

Janine Brown-Smith

Brown-Smith Law


The Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (MAAPS) was founded in 1978 as a statewide association of schools dedicated to providing educational programs and services to students with special needs, particularly students who require specialized education programs and services as guaranteed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 766. MAAPS represents 81 member schools serving approximately 6,800 children with special needs from Massachusetts and other states and countries. MAAPS’ mission is to represent private special education schools in their goal of providing the highest quality education to students with special needs. Visit us at www.maaps.org. For a directory of MAAPS members please contact MAAPS at info@maaps.org

MAAPS’ mission is “to represent private special education schools in their goal of providing the highest quality education to students with special needs.”


Please consider helping to bring these exceptional people to the spotlight they deserve by choosing one of our many levels of sponsorship opportunities. Your name or company logo will be displayed on all printed and online materials, as well as seen during our event. Please click on the apply now button below to find a sponsorship form and informational sheet on our school.

10% of money raised will go back to MAAPS!

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