The Miracle League of the North Shore

“I cannot wait for the baseball game tomorrow,” says Allie, a student at The Children’s Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf (CCCBSD). Allie has been playing ball for many years with the Miracle League of the North Shore and she looks forward to each game during the spring and fall seasons. 

The Miracle League is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that gives children with disabilities a chance to play baseball as part of a team at no cost to their families. This is accomplished through adaptive rules including every player bats once per inning, all players are safe on the bases, and every player scores a run before the inning is over. In addition, community volunteers serve as ‘buddies’ to assist players, and all players experience the excitement of a game win.

Allie, the CCCBSD community and ASL Sports hope to see many friends at the CCCBSD Douglas Marino Community Baseball Field.

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