Beverly School for the Deaf

Beverly School for the Deaf (BSD) serves students ages 3-22 who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and hearing students who will benefit from a bilingual educational approach. We educate students with a variety of needs including students with hearing aids, FM systems, cochlear implants as well as AAC devices. Our goal is to provide a bilingual education that is visually accessible to all students. Our educational philosophy embraces a model based on best practice and current research within Deaf education. Communication comes first, and language skills are systematically targeted throughout each day in order to build a foundation for the development of literacy in utilizing a bilingual approach. We equally value the development and use of both ASL and English including receptive and expressive ASL, spoken English, listening, speech, reading, mouthing, and print.

The Education philosophy at BSD is based on the Center for ASL/English Bilingual Education and Research (CAEBER), in collaboration with the Gallaudet Leadership Institute for Deaf education. This approach enables the development of linguistic competencies in both ASL and English by supporting language development, reading, and writing.

For more information on our programs please contact the BSD Program Director, Jessica Fox, at or 978.927.7070 ext 221.