Admission Process

Enrolling a student at CCCBSD begins with the referral process. Referrals are initiated from a school district when the child’s team determines that the current placement is not meeting the needs of the student. Once the referral process begins, a packet containing the student’s IEP and all relevant reports are sent from the school district to CCCBSD. Our team of educators and specialists review the packet and discuss if the student could benefit from our programs. At that point, a school visit is scheduled with the family and/or advocates and district personnel so each interested party has a chance to review pertinent information. The Program Director (or designee) will explain the school’s purpose and services. To further the process, a team of two CCCBSD professionals will visit the referred student in his/her current school environment to see how the child functions in his/her educational setting.

If it is determined by CCCBSD professionals that the student would benefit from CCCBSD’s educational program, there is an appropriate class assignment, and the parents/guardian, and the referring school district agree, a placement meeting is held to determine the service needs of the student and a start date is established.

Our school year runs from July to June (204 days total) and we maintain a rolling admission process so students can enter school determined by the process detailed above.

If you are in this process please contact Jessica Fox at and we can review our program and next best steps.