Parent-Infant/Toddler Program

The Parent-Infant/Toddler Program at CCCBSD serves families with a child under the age of 3, who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing throughout the North Shore and the Greater Boston area.

PIP is committed to providing children and families with a comprehensive, well rounded and intensive program.  American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English are equally valued and included.

 PIP follow standards set by Massachusetts Early Intervention (EI) and the Department of Public Health (DPH).  PIP teachers work closely with the child’s Early Intervention service providers, audiologists or cochlear implant team, and other related service providers.

  • Weekly Home Visits  provide a solid foundation for the child and family in their home environment.  PIP staff are knowledgeable in techniques which foster and develop communication in very young deaf children. The focus is on supporting the family in understanding hearing loss, Deaf Culture and modeling strategies for developing communication including ASL, spoken English, speech and auditory skill development. Home visits are provided by both Deaf and Hearing teachers.
  • Playgroups offer parents the chance to meet and talk with other families raising a young deaf/hard of hearing child.  Activities address the child’s development of ASL, spoken English, speech and auditory skills.
  • Assessments are performed on a regular basis.  PIP teachers work closely with families and caregivers to monitor the progress of each child by evaluating their ASL, Spoken English, and Speech and Auditory skill development.
  • Weekly Parent Groups includes adult evening ASL classes.

For more information on the PIP program, you can email Robin Hough at Click here to watch the latest PIP video and visit our youtube page to see all the CCCBSD videos.