Preschool Transition

The process of transition to preschool for families of Deaf and hard of hearing children can be very overwhelming.  Finding an appropriate environment that will meet the unique needs of the Deaf/hard of hearing preschooler is critical to completing their foundation of language so that they may become successful communicators and students.
PIP teachers are an active member of the child’s transition team in the following manner:

  • Attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings with the family and town
  • Tour suggested preschool placement classrooms with the family
  • Support the family by educating them of their rights
  • Provide names of agencies that may be of further support
  • Develop a Transition Report with Educational Recommendations

Assessments are used to guide the family and teachers in outlining what the child requires to reach their maximal potential as they enter the school age portion of their education.

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