Our students are immersed in a challenging, stimulating and language-rich environment using ASL, spoken English and print. Communication skills are integrated into all academic and social situations. Learning occurs using a whole language approach. A full range of academic subjects, goals, and concepts are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum. Our small classes are taught with a combination of teacher presentations utilizing cutting edge technology and printed material. Classrooms are equipped with resources such as a touch screen computer, iPads and access to Smart Boards. Students have access to the whole group, small group, and 1:1 instruction opportunities.

The BSD Program includes students who in addition to being Deaf may have a cognitive delay or developmental disability. Deaf students in the BSD program participate in Deaf Studies and receive direct instruction using ASL and spoken language. Deaf Education Specialists provide additional support as needed in a small group setting to work on expressive and receptive ASL. Our Deaf faculty and staff model their history, culture, and language in a positive and supportive environment.