The Institute

The Institute, established in 2019, serves the CCCBSD community, with attention to the professional development of our staff and the engagement of our students’ families through learning opportunities. It also serves the larger communities within our region by engaging with stakeholders, developing partnerships, and fostering collaboration. Finally, The Institute serves the global community through its contributions toward scholarship with an emphasis on better understanding how best to support and educate children – deaf or hearing – with complex communication needs.

The Institute is guided by our mission (why we are doing what we are doing – to advance outcomes for the population we serve), three pillars (what we hope to impact and influence), and three strategies (how we intend to make a difference).

The Institute’s Mission Statement: The Institute at CCCBSD will generate and disseminate transformational ideas and practices which advance outcomes for individuals – deaf and hearing – who have developmental or communication challenges and the professionals who engage with them.