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The Children’s Center for Communication (CCC) uses research-based best educational practices to create individualized services for each student. We use a systematic approach to communication which includes the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and other methodologies. Our students have a diverse range of diagnoses including developmental, physical, and/or cognitive delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental, physical, and/or other communication disorders. Our 204-day program offers a strength-based approach with individualized teaching of communication, academics, social and community/vocational skills, all within a communication-accessible environment, rich in visual support and sensory regulation opportunities.

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Stories & Testimonials

Margot Kopp

Our son Jonah has a sweet, quiet, happy disposition. He also has cognitive and neurological challenges that deeply affect all aspects of his development, particularly his communication. In a nutshell, Jonah is very easy to love, but very difficult to teach and advance.

The school environment at CCCBSD is the perfect mix of warmth and high expectations for him. The kind and accepting atmosphere allows Jonah to feel valued, confident, and listened to — no matter how minimal his communication. Jonah truly loves his school, and that, of course, is the most important testament to CCCBSD.

As parents, we are so inspired by the thoughtfulness and dedication of his team of educators. They support him at every turn with alternative forms of communication so we can all know him better and he can realize the inherent power in voicing his opinions and thoughts. They plan academic work, functional/vocational training, and community outings tailored to make him successful and more independent. The special subjects like music, art, and physical education are accessible to him and help to make his day rich and engaging.

We are so thankful he is a part of this magical school. Parenting Jonah has been a long journey of acceptance of his limitations and ours; but our team at CCCBSD also helps to remind us not to underestimate this beautiful child with so much light behind his eyes. We look forward to many more years of his happiness and success there.

Erin Ray

We have always known how fortunate we are to have our son go to the CCC/BSD. But, it’s times like these that make you reflect on the reasons why we/he is so lucky.

My favorite thing about the CCC/BSD is seeing the teachers, therapists, nurses and directors sharing my tears of joy in their own eyes for the milestone my son has just achieved.

Everyone in the CCC/BSD is a cheerleader for your child..they truly work as a team to care for your child and move them forward. To have that piece of mind that he is going to be taken care of with as much love and care like one of their own is priceless.

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