Christine Majeskey


My name is Christine Majeskey. I have worked at CCCBSD for 34 years. I am a Teacher of the Deaf. I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Special Education / Elementary Education, in 1979. I graduated from Gallaudet University with a degree in School Counseling of the Deaf, in 1984. I’ve worked at many schools (Boston School for the Deaf, Model Secondary School for the Deaf’s residential program, American School for the Deaf as an Intern School Counselor, Hayden School for the Hearing-Impaired as a residential counselor) before coming to work here at the Children’s Center for Communication in 1984. I love working with middle and high school students. I also have a passion for teaching American Sign Language. Check out our website for Community Classes, held here on our beautiful campus!

About the Class

This year, the classroom includes 2 paraprofessionals: Ashley Vance and Kellie Ruggles. Our students are ages 14 to 17, in grades 8 to 11. We are a high school classroom and we are working on learning many life skills, including communication, vocational and social skills.


In Science, we spent the summer learning about the human body, especially the digestive system. We are working on creating a model of the digestive system using items from the school’s STEAM cart. This ongoing activity enables the students to use their imagination and creativity, when they select items from the STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Math) cart to make a 3-D model of the human body’s digestive system.  A picture of this 3-D model is in the Student Work (below).

Each Monday, we have been going to a local Stop & Shop to locate items, based on categories. Signs posted throughout the store have been useful for the students to refer to when looking for specific things (such as vanilla flavoring, Pillsbury dough, and pizza sauce). We are learning about prices, such as reading the price labels and comparing prices in order to determine which item may be less costly. We are also practicing using our gestures, AAC devices, and pictures to ask the store workers to help us find items. We will continue to have outings on Mondays. After students have become comfortable and knowledgeable about the Stop & Shop store, we will be exploring other local grocery stores.

Each Tuesday morning, the students have been participating in setting up, running and closing down the school’s Breakfast Cafe. Each student has a job to do each week. When the student has master her skill at the assigned job, she will be assigned a new job. Students are encouraged to ask for help and to use their communication to interact with their “co-workers” as well as the “consumers.”

Other skills that were addressed this summer included the following: leisure activities, money math, functional word problems (for math), feelings and social-emotional health, and working on creating an individualized portfolio titled “All about Me!”

We have also been studying healthy food and the different food groups. When selecting a new recipe to try, the students are encouraged to ask these questions: Is this healthy? Why / why not? What food groups do the ingredients come from?

Students participate in APE (Adaptive Physical Education) on Tuesdays at 1:45,  Music on Wednesdays at 1:45 and Art on Thursdays at 1:45.


Here are some links to websites that you may find helpful: (for signs that are used in ASL)

Our evening ASL Classes are free to Parents of our students!  Contact Christine Majeskey for more information:

Class News

This summer we made “Pizza Cupcakes.” We made this yummy snack two times using just the mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce (and bacon bits). It was easier to make, the second time around! This recipe can be found on this website:

We also made ice cream, using an ice cream ball. We used half and half, sugar, and vanilla flavoring. The ice cream was so fresh and tasty! The students enjoyed rolling the ball around and shaking it. The ice and salt (in a different part of the ball) froze the ice cream mixture, beautifully!

Image result for ice cream ball.

Students participated in watering the school garden and learning about growing vegetables and spices. The cherry tomatoes were simply delicious. Thank you to Sam Snow-Cronin for leading this great life-learning experience!

On July 20th, we had a visitor! Erik Majeskey, a grocery clerk with Stop & Shop for 38 years, came to talk with us about his job. He talked about communication at work and about his work duties: stocking shelves, price changes, inventory, making bale, moving product, etc. He showed a PowerPoint about the price labels and explained how to analyze the labels and compare prices. The PowerPoint also included information about Sale displays and what goes on in the “back room.” It was very interesting! Erik is an alumnus of the Beverly School for the Deaf and is on the Board of Trustees!


Special Events

Oct. 8th – No School (Columbus Day)

Oct. 17th – 1st term ends

Nov. 12th – No School (Veterans Day)

Nov. 15th – School Wide Thanksgiving Dinner (details to follow)

Nov. 21st – Early Release (12:40 PM)

Nov. 22nd to 25th – Thanksgiving Break



Needs/Wish List

We could use the following items:


Individual size Elmer’s glue.

Thank you!

Student Work

3-D Human Digestive System created from the STEAM Cart Materials


Actual model of the human body systems. We have been studying the digestive system.


We are working on our vocabulary words. We use a word wall to help us remember these words!  We are also working on building our self-esteem through exploration of our skills. We have a workbook that we write in – we are all amazing people!