Christina Arroyo


My name is Christina Arroyo. I am from Collinsville, CT and have been working at CCCBSD for 8 years. I began as a paraprofessional in September of 2010 after completing my undergraduate degree and teaching license in Early Childhood Education and worked in various classrooms while I obtained my masters degree and license in Special Education from Endicott College. I became a teacher in January of 2012 and have been teaching at the school ever since! I enjoy incorporating nature into everyday teaching and have a passion for the Reggio Emilia theory of learning.

About the Class

This year my classroom includes myself along with 1 paraprofessional, Julie. Our class includes four students in preschool ranging from ages 3-5. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!


We will be learning many things this year! The school has moved to a theme-based learning and below are the themes for each quarter.

Quarter 1 – All About Me

Quarter 2 – Living, Learning and Working Together

Quarter 3 – Helping in the Community

Quarter 4 – Space

I have been working hard this summer to set up different centers within my classroom that focus on all areas of the curriculum such as science, social studies, health, writing, reading, math and technology. The centers will rotate throughout the year and students will learn in each center at least 2x per week.

The school has also provided a S.T.E.A.M challenge for each quarter for all classrooms to complete. These challenges will incorporate many areas of the curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art and math) in order to create a final project. These projects will be documented thoroughly throughout each quarter and progress will be shared with families. Depending on the challenge, families might be asked to contribute information or pictures to help the students fully understand their final project.



Here are some resources we use in the classroom that you may want to utilize at home. Please note that some require subscriptions. – this website provides educational videos – this website provides educational games – this website provides stories read aloud


Class News

I will be using this section to update all of you on fun activities we are planning or doing within the classroom!