Courtney Lyons


My name is Courtney Lyons. I have a masters in Elementary and Deaf Education from Gallaudet University. I am excited to be joining the CCCBSD faculty for the 17’-18’ school year! I was previously a teacher at the New Mexico School for the Deaf in Santa Fe. I grew up on Cape Cod and I am a new resident of Andover. My educational interests include fostering a positive learning environment that boasts teamwork and friendship.

About the Class

Our class is comprised of 5 students in grades 7, 8 and 11.



Here is an overview of what our students can expect to learn this school year:

Social Studies: This year students will be exploring democracy (what are our rights?), the role of government, and the connection between industry in the 19th century and today.

Literature: Our literature units this year will focus on the common theme of friendship and emotional health.

Science: This year we will be learning about the body systems, states of matter, engineering – Designing Bridges, mapping the physical features of the earth.

Math: Each math lesson will address students’ IEP goals. Some of the topics we will cover are number sense, time, and working with money: addition, subtraction, comparing amounts.

Health: We will focus on health habits, family life, cleanliness, and supporting the ecological health of the community (recycling).

Social Skills: We are developing our social skills every day in both academic lessons and informal interactions with our peers. We will focus on communicating our needs and feelings.


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Class News

Every Tuesday our class will engage in community outings to develop our vocational skills. I expect these outings to begin in the next few weeks. Please keep your eyes peeked for a newsletter home for more information about these outings.