Micah Rinkevich


My name is Micah Rinkevich. I’m from Denton, TX, and this is my second year at CCCBSD. My educational interests include curriculum design, science education, and using technology in education. Chrissy Sheehy will be working as the paraprofessional in our classroom this year. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year!

About the Class

Our class includes transition students ages 17-21.


Each quarter of our year will follow the school-wide themes: “All About Me”, “Living, Learning, and Working Together,” “Helping in the Community,” and “Space!” Below are some of the topics we will be covering in each unit.

All About Me: We are working on learning personal information with a special focus on job interview questions. The unit will wrap up with students filming a mock interview where they answer questions using English, ASL, or their AAC devices. During this unit, we will also be learning about social media safety and how to keep our newly-learned personal information private.

Living, Learning, and Working Together: Students will describe their home lives, including their families, pets, traditions, and how they communicate at home. Students will learn about different life skills that give them new ways to contribute and to be independent at home.

Helping in the Community: Our class will learn about different jobs and volunteer opportunities in the community. Students will identify which jobs would be a good fit for them.

Space!: Students will learn about fun leisure activities related to science and to the solar system. We will discuss how to manage free time outside of school and work.

Specials Schedule:

  • Adapted Physical Education: Tuesdays at 1:45
  • Music: Wednesdays at 2:15
  • Art: Thursdays at 2:15




You can visit my Only 2 Clicks page to see the online resources we use in the classroom that you may want to utilize at home. Please note that some require subscriptions.

Class News

This summer, our class went on community outing trips to BJ’s, Starbucks, and Breaking Grounds. Students did a fantastic job shopping and using their communication strategies to interact with store employees.