Sofia Gugliotta


Hello! My name is Sofia Gugliotta and I am from NYC, New York. I came to Massachusetts to pursue a degree in Deaf Studies at Boston University. I then went to Simmons for my Master’s in Severe Special Education. I have taught previously at The Learning Center for the Deaf, Watertown Middle School, and COMPASS school. My educational interests include adapting curriculum for students with severe special needs, language development, and increasing independence in social skills. This is my first year at CCCBSD and I am looking forward to an amazing year! 

About the Class

I work in a transitions classroom with students ages 17 – 22. My paraprofessional is Jen Leary. The class is working on vocational skills, life skills, and social skills. We also focus on Math, Reading, and Expressive Language. 

Each quarter of our year we will follow the school-wide themes: “All About Me,” “Living, Learning, and Working Together,” “Helping in the Community,” and “Space!” Below are some of the topics we will cover in each unit. 
All About Me: We are working on learning personal information with a focus on descriptive adjectives. Students will focus on describing aspects of themselves and their lives (favorite leisure activities, foods, how they communicate etc..) using ASL, written English, and/or a Communication Device. 
Living, Learning, and Working Together: Students will describe their home lives. This includes, who they live with, what their ideal apartment or bedroom would look like, how they communicate at home, and what skills they practice at home to help out. 
Helping in the Community: Students will learn how to identify and the meaning of different community signs. They will be able to locate and describe the meaning of the signs in the community. Students will also focus on different jobs and volunteer opportunities. 
Space!: Students will explore their leisure interests and different ways to spend free time in the community and the world. 
Specials Schedule: 
Adapted Physical Education: Tuesdays at 1:45 
Music: Wednesdays at 1:45
Art: Thursdays at 1:45