Cassie Page


Hi! My name is Cassie Page.  Over the past 12 years I have worked in home with clients, for Franciscan Children’s Hospital (Kennedy Day School Program) and Cambridge Public Schools.  I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Northeastern University. I later completed my Masters in Severe Special Education at Lesley and have worked primarily with individuals on the spectrum my entire career.  I started at CCCBSD this past school year and have been extremely happy to become part of the community. I am joined in the classroom by Luke and Shanna, two exceptional paraprofessionals that bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and empathy to the classroom.  

About the Class

Our class is a transition age class of early high school age students (14-15).  In addition to regular classroom activities, we target functional life skills and communication.  The classroom participates in weekly community outings or “COs.” So far we have been to grocery stores, CVS, Walgreens, Panera, and Target to complete different functional life skill activities.


The class curriculum follows an integrated lesson format.  This combines the usual units of study and focuses them on one main topic.  This year we have covered “All About Me” and “Living, Learning, and Working Together.”  Currently we are focused on our topic of “Helping in the Community.” We are breaking this down to focus on safety and social skills for our students.  Through activities that target basic comprehension, geographical, and money skill, the students are generalizing classroom skills into community settings on weekly community outing “CO” trips.  

Class News

Our next quarter theme is “Space!”  We will be doing an exploration of space, focusing on Earth’s revolution and rotation and how it impacts our day, night, and year.  Within the unit we will be targeting reading comprehension through the fictional “A Wrinkle in Time” and non-fiction based science articles.  We will complete hands on projects to help demonstrate scientific principles we learn. We will additionally be talking about the sequencing of time and how our position in space creates our day to day schedules.  The unit will end with a research project of each student’s choice.