Sylvia Nolan – Art


My name is Sylvia Nolan and I am proud to be the art teacher at CCCBSD.  This is my third year being the art teacher and my tenth year working in education.  A little background about myself. I graduated in 2009 from the Massachusetts College of Art with a bachelor of fine arts in community arts education.  I am also a CODA, which stands for Child Of Deaf Adult. In my family my father is profoundly Deaf and my mother and sister are hard of hearing. In my personal time I enjoy painting murals, printmaking and making digital art.

About the Department

Art is a place at CCCBSD where the creative outlet of art is explored by each student.  Using functional communication and a variety of adaptive equipment to fully access art, each student finds a way to make art in a way that is unique to them.




Art this year will align with the school’s thematic curriculum.  In quarter one we have explored making art about ourselves in our “all about me” theme.  We will continue to explore this year’s themes of learning to work together, helping in the community, and space.

Department News

Class News:*

We just had a blast celebrating dot day on September 15th.  

Student Work:*

Please sign up for artsonia – a digital museum of your child’s artwork!  When you sign up your friends and family will also be able to see the artwork.  You can also order coffee mugs, key chains and t-shirts with your child’s artwork if you want and a part of the proceeds go to our art room!