Carol Sheehan – Nursing


I am Carol Sheehan R.N., Directer of Nursing. I have been working at CCCBSD for five years. During my time here I have met some pretty amazing students.  To see these kids overcome some really tough challenges brings me back day after day. I never leave here without learning something new.

About the Department

The Nursing Team consists of Jessica Blanchette, R.N. B.S.N., Angela Smith L.P.N., and the newest member of our team, Cyndi White L.P.N. We also have two substitute nurses, Nancy Bourque L.P.N. who recently retired and Emily Cilley R.N. We look forward to caring for your children.

  • To meet the needs of each and every student without causing fear or anxiety.
  • To have the Health Office be welcoming to all of our students.
  • To care for our students with the respect and dignity they deserve.
  • To be as least invasive in the classroom as possible.
  • To encourage healthy daily habits. Hand washing, covering sneezes, brushing teeth…
  • To advocate for our students’ to receive outside health care that is respectful and thoughtful.
  • To earn parents’ trust.



Flu information:

Department News
  1. We know many students here have their physical in the late fall,early winter. Please make sure you send in your child’s updated physical form as  soon as possible after their appointment.
  2. We are still in the process of receiving yearly packet updates on students. We will be contacting students who are missing things, in mid September.
  3. Farewells and Hellos:
    1. We said goodbye to Nancy Bourque LPN who retired in June.
    2. We welcomed, Cyndi White LPN, our new team member, on July 6th.
  4. The time is NOW to start thinking about the flu vaccine for you and your child.