Kelly Surette – Music

About the Department

The music program at CCCBSD is focused on the exploration of communication through musical expression. Both educational and enriching, music class is adapted specifically to support our students capabilities. Activities in music class incorporate individual goals and objectives for each student as well as connections to classroom content. Students have access to a state-of-the-art music room complete with a vibrating floor and visual light columns. 

Special Events
CCCBSD Board Trustee, Dr. Andrew Baker visited our campus recently to play piano for some BSD students. Our Tech Team, Janice and Joe collaborated with our music teacher, Kelly Surette to add technology to increase access for our Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.​ It was a wonderful experience for our students. Dr. Baker is is a Deaf optometrist and works for Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary. He is the first Deaf person in the nation to become an optometrist.