How BSD Makes a Difference

The Children’s Center for Communication / Beverly School for the Deaf recognizes that all individuals and families have the ability to acquire knowledge and the right to develop language by having full access to a complete language system. Equal value and respect is given to all language and communication choices. By providing a supportive yet challenging learning environment, our school gives students the tools to maximize their potential.

In order to help students, families, and the community realize this philosophy, The Children’s Center for Communication / Beverly School for the Deaf will ensure the following principles in the areas of communication, instruction, assessment, family, community, and culture.

  • Embrace American Sign Language, English, and other communication systems and respect each language system equally.
  • Provide access to English as provided through spoken English, sign, print, and preferred picture and voice technologies.
  • Routinely assess and monitor each individual’s progress in developing the first language.
  • Distinguish between social and academic communication modes across a variety of settings.
  • Recognizing communication modes may change as the individual acquires new skills.
  • Promote opportunities for peer communication while exposing individuals to appropriate peer and adult communication role models, and mentors.