Parent Infant Classes (PIP)

Baby Sign Group

Join the trend in learning and child development.  Research shows that babies who use sign language generally experience a larger vocabulary, fewer tantrums, increased literacy, and advanced social skills.
CCCBSD Early Childhood Specialists provide a fun, safe, and animated play environment that teaches caregivers and their babies, ages 6-24 months (or actively walking), basic ASL signs.

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* Fees are pro-rated for rolling admissions.

Toddler Sign Group

Toddler Sign Playgroup is designed for toddlers in Early Intervention and community peers ages 18-36 months. Caregivers and their children participate while learning developmentally appropriate sign language and communication skills through engaging activities such as story time, play time and circle time.

Teachers model how to maximize language, speech, and audition development during the integrated sessions. Activities are fully inclusive, planned, and adapted to meet the needs of all children regardless of his/her disability.

We now accept MasterCard and Visa

Registration deadline is one week prior to first session. Late Registrations will be accepted if space is available. Groups need enrollment of at least 4 families to run for the session.

Siblings are welcome to attend. Younger siblings between up to 18 months may come free of charge. Older siblings up to 5-years old must pay tuition or request a fee waiver. 90 minutes per class session for children ages 18 months to 36 months & actively walking.

Preschool Sign Group

CCCBSD Preschool Sign Playgroup is for typically developing preschool children, ages 3 to 5 years old.

American Sign Language will be taught through games and play.  Kindergarten readiness skills and general language development, as well as play and social skills, will be additional class foci. Small class size promotes more individual attention.

We now accept MasterCard and Visa.

90 minutes per class session. Siblings are asked not to attend.

Preschool Transition

The process of transition to preschool for families of Deaf and hard of hearing children can be very overwhelming.  Finding an appropriate environment that will meet the unique needs of the Deaf/hard of hearing preschooler is critical to completing their foundation of language so that they may become successful communicators and students.
PIP teachers are an active member of the child’s transition team in the following manner:

  • Attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings with the family and town
  • Tour suggested preschool placement classrooms with the family
  • Support the family by educating them of their rights
  • Provide names of agencies that may be of further support
  • Develop a Transition Report with Educational Recommendations

Assessments are used to guide the family and teachers in outlining what the child requires to reach their maximal potential as they enter the school age portion of their education.

For more information on the PIP program, email Robin Hough at

ASL Play Group Application

We are unable to offer refunds for dropped or missed classes. This includes cancellations due to inclement weather.

 Classes will be held  IN PERSON 

The Children’s Center for Communication/ Beverly School for the Deaf is a program that takes pride in utilizing technological advances for educational purposes. These endeavors are often used to honor and promote the positive activities that occur on a daily basis.

As part of standard practice, CCCBSD may use your child’s image for internal media on a regular basis. CCCBSD defines internal media as photos/videos that can be viewed but are never shared externally as a hard copy or electronically (for example: photos in the classroom, classroom videos for shared experiences, photos/videos shown for events or presentations, etc.).

Photos and videos are also used for purposes that require external media. CCCBSD defines external media as photos/videos that can be viewed and/or shared as a hard copy or electronically (e.g. Newspaper, annual reports, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) CCCBSD will never post names of students to social media and websites. Only first names are given to newspapers. Parents will be notified if their child’s likeness has been photographed for a newspaper article.

If you have objections to your child being photographed or videoed for the purpose of external media, please specify your objections below. (for example: All photos are fine. No video or All forms of media are okay but do not identify my child by name.)

CCCBSD does not take responsibility for images taken of your child by non CCCBSD staff members that may be published as external media (e.g. a photo/video with your child’s image in the background at school wide events.). Further, I release CCCBSD, its Board of Trustees, employees, and other representatives from any known liabilities, known or unknown, arising out of the use of these materials.

ASL Play Group Form


Tuition is due prior to the start of each session, unless special arrangements have been made.
If space is available, rolling admissions will be accepted at a pro-rated amount.

ASL Play Groups Form
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Baby Group - Tuesdays - 7/9-8/13/24 (11:00-12:00) (6 weeks) -$125
Toddler Group - Tuesdays - 7/9-8/13/24 (9:00-10:30) (6 weeks) -$125
Preschool Group - Tuesdays - 7/9-8/13/24 (12:30-2:00) (6 weeks) - $180

Additionally, I assume full responsibility for the care and well being of my child during all classes. Children attending Preschool group will be supervised by CCCBSD teachers, but parents must be on campus and available in case of emergency. I agree to provide accurate contact information and be immediately available if an emergency arises.

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