The Children’s Center for Communication (CCC) academic program includes students age 3 to 22. Communication skills are integrated into all academic and social situations throughout the day. A full range of developmentally-appropriate academic subjects, with goals and concepts aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are offered. Using the latest in technology and software, including iPads, Smart Boards, Touch Screen Computers in all classrooms, Classroom Suite, Clicker 5, IntelliKeys, Board Maker 6 and more, the curriculum is adapted and individualized for accessibility, age and language level.

At age 14 a comprehensive Transition Plan is initiated. This includes opportunities to work, participate in community activities and expand independent living skills. Our facilities include a kitchen, laundry room, and vocational room, allowing for instruction and practice of critical skills for successful transition into adulthood. CCC strives to help students become as independent as possible, and student transition planning incorporates family support and resources in the areas of guardianship, living, and vocational/job opportunities.