Partnerships and Community Engagement & Building and Broadening Impact

Partnerships and Community Engagement

The Institute seeks to use Partnerships and Community Engagement to harness the power of professional networks to inform practice. In this way, The Institute acts as a bridge between research and practice for faculty at CCCBSD, educators in other settings, scholars, families, community members, and beyond. These relationships connect individuals and ideas, creating a strong sense of community and shared purpose.

Building and Broadening Impact

By partnering with key organizations, The Institute aims to build and broaden impact for both current and preservice educators. This is achieved in a number of ways, such as contribution to comprehensive Masters level college programming to prepare teachers of the deaf. The Institute also actively connects with distinguished scholars and experts from various fields to share their knowledge and expertise regarding deaf and special education practices both for the CCCBSD setting and beyond. Finally, The Institute seeks involvement in advocacy, policy, and legislative efforts that affect this population.