Bilingual Learning in Deaf Students with Disabilities


Not enough is known about language, communication, cognition, or learning in deaf students with disabilities (deaf+). Despite making up at least 40% of the population of deaf students, professionals report feeling underprepared, overwhelmed, and lacking necessary resources. “Off the shelf” curricula developed for hearing children are often not appropriate or beneficial for deaf students. The same applies to curricula designed for deaf students, which often need additional modification for use with deaf+ children. This collaboration brings together multiple experts in the areas of bilingual (ASL/English) instruction, development in deaf+ children, and professional learning.

This group is dedicated to using high quality research to authentically improve professional practice and student outcomes.


Sarah Brandt

Sarah Brandt, EdD

Associate, The Institute at CCCBSD

Amy Szarkowski

Amy Szarkowski, PhD

Director, The Institute at CCCBSD
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Todd Czubek, PhD

Boston University

Kristin DiPerri, EdD

Boston University

Madyson Rynne

Classroom Teacher and Reading Specialist, CCCBSD

Ms. McDonald

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, CCCBSD

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