Betsy Collamore

Our son has been attending CCCBSD as a pre-k student since September but has been a member of the school community since he was six months old! As first time parents we were overwhelmed with the supports and interventions we knew we were going to need for Joey from an early age; but BSD has been a spectacular resource for us that has connected us to so many other invaluable professionals all around the North Shore. Since starting in Ms. Shari’s class it has been amazing how much we’ve been able to consolidate much of his care. Shari, Jen, and Kate have been so communicative, so supportive, and so innovative when it comes to teaching Joey and helping us carry over learning at home. Outside of the classroom all of Joey’s therapist have been so open to sharing his progress with us through e-mail, pictures, and videos. It was scary having our first born start school but everyone has made it such a smooth transition and Joey has made so much progress, especially in his ability to communicate. The exceptional team at BSD has been so attentive to us, has helped us become more confident parents, and has provided us with the tools to better communicate with Joey and support his development. For all these reasons we are forever grateful to BSD!